Florida Sheriff Talks Tough And Warns Drug Dealers In BOLD New Way [VIDEO]

Heroin has been around for decades, but it has recently become a national problem, even brought up as an issue during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Statewide, there were only 27 heroin deaths in 2015 where the cause of death was by heroin only. However, there were 752 in which heroin was combined with other drugs, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and four undercover policeman

On this issue, Florida Sheriff Peyton Grinnell is sick of the heroin epidemic on the area. In a public service announcement published late last week, Sheriff Peyton filmed himself at a stage surrounded masked, presumably, undercover, policeman image creepily reminiscent of something ISIS to give warning to those who sell heroin.

Released Friday on Facebook, the 90-second video message from Sheriff Peyton Grinnell features a stern message to heroin dealers in his community, as he’s flanked by four deputies in body armour and black face masks, who stoically stare into the camera.

Sheriff Peyton says, that he has received phone calls about recent heroin overdoses, The Sheriff asks the community to report the locations of drug dealers who are pushing this “poison.” But the community outreach is quickly overshadowed.

“To the dealers who are pushing this poison, I have a message for you: We’re coming for you,” he says. “Enjoy looking over your shoulder, constantly wondering, if today is the day we come for you. Enjoy trying to sleep tonight wondering if tonight’s the night our SWAT team blows your front door off the hinges.”

The video ends with the Sheriff telling dealers, “run,” before he and his associates face to the right and walk away.

The video went viral on Facebook that it reached 1million more views in just a week. Some people made comparisons on the video from the terrorist group ISIS. You can visit the Facebook video here.


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