Melon Size Calcium Stone Was Extracted From Patient’s Bladder [VIDEO]

3lb calcium build up in a man’s bladder so large surgeons had to crowbar it out.

A gruesome video of the operation shows how a melon-sized calcium stone was levered out of the patient’s body.

Dr. Dhirubhai Patel removes a melon sized calcium stone from the paient

Medics were horrified as they discovered a stone measuring 11.5cm by 17cm in Maheshbhai’s bladder after the examination.

The enormous build up took surgeons one-and-a-half hours to remove.

Less than a week on, Maheshbhai is recovering well, and said: ‘I was suffering from excruciating pain for the past few days.

‘After the operation, I am feeling better.’

On Thursday, Maheshbhai, from Valsad, was admitted to hospital after he developed the pain during the night.

Examinations revealed a large lump in his lower abdomen and further x-rays showed he had the huge stone inside his bladder.

He was operated on by medics using a ‘a crowbar-like tool’ to remove it after two days of intravenous antibiotics.

He remains under observation in hospital.

Dr. Dhirubhai C Patel, who operated on Maheshbhai said: ‘The patient did not have a chronic pain.

‘The pain started in the night and showed no signs of going away.

‘After carrying out medical investigations, we discovered that he was having a giant stone in his bladder.”

‘Spontaneous formation of stone inside the body is very common in India and worldwide.

‘One of the main reasons of formation of stone in this patient could be high level of calcium in his urine and improper flow of urine.

‘In 1997, the patient met with an accident in which he suffered injury in his urethra. This might also have helped in the formation of stone.

‘We operated on the patient for one and a half hours and successfully removed the stone.

‘Urinary bladder stone is usually small in size ranging from 1 to 3cm, but this one was really huge.’

The 3lb stone beats the previous Indian record of a 2.6lb mass extracted from the abdomen of a cancer patient in 2010.


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