Top 3 Sick And Cruel People Who Were Set Free [VIDEO]

Every crime is punishable by law but not all criminals pay the debt of their offense. Our legal system has loopholes, technicalities and odd standards that can result to heinous crime. When our system goes wrong, sick and cruel people walk free and live a normal life.

3. Carl Tanzler

Carl Tanzler was a German-born bacteriologist at the United States Marine Hospital in Key West, Florida who fell in love with one of his patience, Elena de Hoyos, right before she died. After her death, Tanzler build an above ground mausoleum for her corpse.

For two years, he visited her decaying body every night. To keep her close, he stole her corpse and transported it to a lab he created inside of an old airplane where tried to bring her back to life.

He had to toil in order to prevent her body from decaying. To keep her body from collapsing, he held her bones together with wires, covered her corpse in wax and plaster, and replaced her decomposed eyeballs with glass. He also soaked it with perfumes and preservatives to hide the stench of her rotting flesh.

It took seven years until he was caught. The courts could not do anything to him because the statute of limitations on his crimes had expired.

Tanzler was let go and never faced a single charge for his necrophiliac romance.

2. James Sligo Jameson

James Sligo Jameson, the heir to the Jameson Whiskey fortune did something the company usually does not talk. He bought a ten-year-old girl and watched her eaten by carnivals.

According to the people who knew him, the only interesting thing for him is cannibalism. When he got the chance, Jameson paid the tribe with six handkerchiefs to buy a ten-year-old girl as a slave. Then he brought her to the hut of a cannibal tribe as a present.

The little girl tied to a tree, had her belly extracted with a knife until she died of blood loss before she chopped into pieces and eaten. The whole time it was happening, Jameson watched, sketching the whole thing out in watercolors.

1. Karla Homolka 

Karla Homolka and her fiancé Paul Bernardo are two of Canada’s most notorious serial killers.

The couple confessed of raping and murdering three women, though public believed that they killed more than that.

Homolka started her killing fling by drugging her own teenage sister and gave her to Bernardo as a wedding present. She joined her fiance in raping and murdering her own sister, filming the whole thing, and did it to many more young girls.

Bernardo sent to jail for life but Homolka worked out a plea deal. After confessing her crime, she only spent 12 years in prison. She was released in 2005.


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