Amidst Danger, This Inspiring Act Of Strangers Praying With The Police Will Make You Cry

The photo of the mother and daughter offering prayer to the officer

In a world where we are not certain of our safety, police officers risk their lives to perform their everyday task amidst danger. They ensure the security of each people within the society, and firmly encourage the peace and order in the nation. With the threats in their lives, we know for sure that they all have their own sources of inspiration in accomplishing their job.

Interesting as it is, a Facebook status posted in Ohio Going Blue last August 2016 has gone viral for one amazing reason that captured the heart of the netizens all over the world. The post is great evidence that anyone and anybody can be of a great source of inspiration, even those strangers around us. The woman had taken a picture of her boyfriend, who is a Police officer with Ohio State Highway Patrol, kneeling in prayer with a mother and daughter when she went to the Ohio State Fair.

The woman was shocked when she unexpectedly saw her boyfriend on his knees inside one of the buildings, but was really stunned when she found a mother and daughter next to him for a truly one inspiring reason.

“My boyfriend is working the state fair and a mom & daughter asked if they could pray for him,” she explained.

According to the officers, they actually did not know the two individuals, and yet they wanted to offer him their support through the power of prayer.

The post garnered 1.2K mixed reactions and 215 shares as of April 19, and has received different comments from the online viewers.

Alisha Rich, who was inspired by the photo, quoted in her article: “The fact that this mother is not only setting a powerful example for her daughter, but also showing her that faith extends past our personal lives is absolutely remarkable.”


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