Man Impersonated Nickelback’s Drummer And Stole $25,000 Worth Of Equipment

A man from Florida, allegedly wanted an Austrian audio company to believe he was Daniel Adair, the drummer from Nickelback.

Lee Howard Koenig, the man who pretends Daniel Adair
Lee Howard Koenig, the man who pretends Daniel Adair

45-year-old drummer named Lee Howard Koenig, living in Florida, wanted to trick Austrian audio company. That way, police say, he could allegedly claim a $25,000 audio apparatus. Unluckily for Koenig, police had to remind him of what he really was.

Adair first found out that someone was pretending to be him when the band’s security specialist flagged some expensive drum purchases that were apparently being shipped to Florida from a company in Vienna, Austria. Since Adair doesn’t live in the Florida, he hit up the police, who traced the scam back to the house of a guy named Lee Howard Koenig.

Adair did some of his own research on Koenig and discovered that the guy was a drummer, too, who plays with a kit almost identical to Adair’s. Apparently Adair also found that Koenig goes by the artist name of MR. WOOKY, which is a pretty great stage persona in its own right.

After police seemed into the IP tackle for the order and tracked it to Koenig’s road tackle, he admitted writing the emails.

Detective Paul Griffith told the TCPalm that through amateur Internet sleuthing, Adair found out that Koenig’s “drum set was the same configuration as his.”

Koenig was arrested on two felony fraud counts and booked into the county jail — and never for the primary time. In line with courtroom data, Koenig served greater than two years in state jail following a 2009 conviction in reference to swiping round $one hundred,000, which was raised throughout charity live performance schemes.

Adair would like an apology letter from Koenig, Griffith said.

Nickelback gets a lot of crap, is often accused of being unoriginal, but we’d probably watch a Scooby Doo-style show in which a corporate rock band drummer solves crime in his spare time.


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