He Thought Wife Was Carrying Drugs In Her Purse, Relieved When Police Tell Him The Truth

Police Tweet (Left), Illustration of Red Cocktail Umbrella (Right)

One man in Wyoming, Minnesota reported his wife to the police after finding what he thought to be drugs in her purse. He certainly believed he was doing the right thing. However, when the cops responded to his call, what they found was just a broken cocktail umbrella.

Wyoming police tweeted a photo of the scene earlier this month on their official account writing, “A man thought he found drugs in his wifes purse & contacted us. He was happy to learn that the items were just a broken cocktail umbrella.”

Police Tweet (Left), Illustration of Red Cocktail Umbrella (Right)
Police Tweet (Left), Illustration of Red Cocktail Umbrella (Right)

The police officers had to Google photos of what unbroken cocktail umbrella look like to show him that his wife is not using drugs because the man had never seen them before.

Paul Hoppe, Chief of the Police Department, told BuzzFeed, “When the officer who went out to take a look at it told the husband what it was, I think he was a little shocked.”

Twitter had a field day trying to decide what the wildest part of this story was, once police exposed the man for telling on his wife.

Wyoming Police even added tweets on their Twitter official page with the #Goodluck.

“Bring roses and card to make things easier, my friend.”

“We wish him the best of luck in telling this story to his wife.”

Public reactions and tweets also flooded after the bizarre incident.

Junji Hirata @ShamanXII

“What a snitch. He should have spoken with her, not treat her like a suspected criminal.”

CarmeloBANDSthony @GooseTheVillain

“He was tryna set her up like the episode of the office when Mike hid the $300 basil leafs he thought was weed in Toby’s desk.”

Some thought that he was purposely trying to sabotage his wife. Others criticized the man for calling the police on his wife. Though the Wyoming Police Department had a sense of humor about the strange call.


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