Man Gets Weak Sentence After Smashing A Newborn’s Head On Concrete

A man was arrested for killing her girlfriend’s new-born baby by repeatedly smashing it to a sidewalk.

Davis mugshot and a beautiful image of the newborn baby that he smashed to a concrete.

Dalton R. Davis, of Jay County in Indiana, will be imprisoned for 65 years for the murder of the five-week-old baby last September 29, 2017.

No one witnessed the horrifying incident where Davis smashed the baby to a sidewalk. Reports of the court saying that the baby’s mother, who was asleep during the incident, went to their room and check on her daughter, she then found it unresponsive.

She called 911 and takes the baby to the nearest hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Davis admitted that he believed the girl was dead when he put it back on the crib.

Based on the autopsy reports, they found out that the child died from severe blunt-force trauma and it had a skull fracture and bruising across her chest, back and head.

Indy Star reported that at the start Davis told police officers that he checked on the baby just half an hour before she was found by her mother and she was ‘fine and did not appear ill’.

But when police confronted him, saying his version events did not match the child’s injuries.

Davis then changed his story, stating that he had taken the baby outside for a cigar break but had accidentally dropped her. But once again, his story did not match how severe the baby’s injuries.

Eventually, Davis admitted that he slammed the newborn’s head on a sidewalk because he was angry that his girlfriend got drunk.

Jay County Prosecutor Wes Schemenaur had pursued a life sentence without the possibility of bail for Davis, saying he’s never seen a case ‘as senseless or barbaric’ before.

However, on July 14, Davis took a plea deal to avoid a life sentence and was jailed for 65 years, with no possibility of bail until 55 years.

The Star Press explained just how cold Davis’ reaction was on the day of sentencing.

“He uttered no words of remorse, or anything approaching an apology to his victim’s mother, or the others in the courtroom who had loved young Lillian Grace Lloyd.”

As for Courtney and the rest of the Lloyd family, they’re still mourning the loss of their innocent baby girl – but the judge’s decision finally gave them a bit of closure during this heartbreaking situation.


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