President Duterte Says He Can Be 50 Times More Brutal To Terrorists ‘Give Me Salt, Vinegar, I’ll Eat His Liver’

(Original Title: Duterte on Terrorists: ‘Give Me Salt, Vinegar, I’ll Eat His Liver’)

The tough-talking President has yet again warned terrorist during his recent speech that he could be “50 times” more brutal that the Muslim extremist who staged beheadings in the southern part of the Philippines.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made his speech during the opening ceremony of a national sports tournament. Duterte who normally threaten drug suspects raised his shock rhetoric to a new level when he said what he could do to the Muslim extremists who staged beheadings and other gruesome attacks.

Miltary encounter with terror group Abu Sayyaf where their leader was killed

Duterte was sharing his thoughts on violent extremists, particularly terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Speaking at the opening ceremony, he said he can “go down what you can 50 times over… just give me vinegar and salt, I’ll eat his liver”. The crowd broke into laughter, but Duterte cut in, “It’s true, if you make me angry.”

Muslim militants from a terror group Abu Sayyaf from the southern part of the Philippines who has pledged allegiance to ISIS has clashed with the military in Bohol who is known to be a tourist destination. According to reports, eight militants, three soldiers, a policeman, and two villagers has been reported dead in the encounter.

Duterte slammed terrorists as “animals” and said he wants them dead. “My order is: to the police and everyone, and even civilians interested to fight and kill, and I want them dead,” Duterte told local reporters.

The military said it is still hunting down three Abu Sayyaf members who escaped Saturday’s gunfight.

He also recently offered a P1-million bounty who could provide information leading to the capture of Abu Sayyaf and other militants behind a foiled attack in the central province of Bohol.

Duterte has been known for his colorful, hyperbolic language, especially when he makes threats or launches tirades.


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