They Kept Reducing The Price Of Their Home Still It WOuldn’t Sell, The Reason Lies Inside [WATCH]


Before the actual process of moving out, you will have to sell your house first. But selling your house can be a stressful task; however, all the hard work and headaches are worth it when you finally close on the sale and make a profit. But sometimes, no one seems to have an interest in your house despite the fact it is well furnished and located at a lovely neighborhood.

This is the dilemma Gilian and David Walsh is facing. The couple is selling their beautiful home, well-maintained, and quite large. Certainly this 6-bedroom home is big enough for a growing family. The Walshes have eight children, but now that they’re all grown up, and the couple realized that the 6-bedroom home is just too large for them.

After 13 months in the market and a drastic price cut of $75,000 no seemed to have an interest in buying the house. The owners have even lowered the price significantly in an effort to move the sale along. But despite the realtor’s sound advice, no one wants it. It might seem odd at first but once you step inside the house, you would understand why this house isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Once you ring the doorbell you would hear the sound of “Oh My Darling Clementine” playing throughout the home. But that’s not the only thing that awaits you, once you step inside, you’ll be stunned from what seems to be an antique show.

Literally, there is a place for everything inside their home and everything in its place. Every corner of the house is occupied by an ornament; you can barely see a flat surface. Even the modest size bathroom boasts a chandelier. Nor is there any escape in the garden, awash with ornaments, statues and ironwork.

As soon as the realtor uploaded photos of the home online, people around the world laughed at Gillian’s sense of decor.

But the couple are surprised by all the comments, and don’t understand why it’s not selling. They will be taking all of their unique belongings and decorations with them.

“They love their home,” the Walsh’s neighbor told Daily Mail. “They don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s the house they’re selling, not the ornaments.”


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