A University Is Supplying Free Tampons To Male Students, Their Explanation Is Hilarious [WATCH]

A college university passed a student-sponsored referendum to provide free tampons and pads across all bathrooms including men’s room.

Thanks to a student-sponsored referendum, which passed in a landslide, Cornell University students could have all restrooms stocked with free tampons and pads.

Surprisingly, 78.60% of more than 3,000 participants voted in favor of making the feminine sanitary products available for free across all campus bathrooms.

This move also includes the transgender people.

This #freethetampon initiative was inspired by Brown University who have similar program.

‘This referendum shows that there truly is overwhelming support for this,’ sophomore Matthew Indimine and Student Assembly executive vice president told The Cornell Daily Sun.

‘Three thousand and thirty four students voted in favor of passing an initiative towards gender equity.

‘I’m excited for the next steps, and hope that this momentum continues.’

According to the Student Assembly president and junior Jordan Berger, she was anticipated the referendum would pass, but she did not expect a large margin of votes in favor of the initiative.

‘I worked with the Women’s Resource Center to get this referendum on the ballot,’ she told The Cornell Daily Sun.’

‘They had many supporters so I was not very surprised that it passed, but I was surprised that it passed by such a large margin.’

Several students wrote that menstrual products are essential and should be available for free, according to the statements in support of the initiative.

One student wrote on the Cornell Assemblies Elections page, ‘Tampons and napkins are one in a category of supplies that are so essential; they should be available for free’

‘It’s for the same reason that bathrooms offer free toilet paper and offices have free tissue boxes.’

Another student wrote: ‘This is a basic human right, like water and shelter.’

According to those who voted against the initiative, some said it could make men uncomfortable because they do not need to use the menstrual products.

‘I think these products should be available in female bathrooms; however, I do not believe there should be any in male bathrooms,’ one student wrote.

‘If they are available in men’s bathrooms, it could make it very uncomfortable for men because they are not needing those items.

‘I understand that some women identify as men and might use the men’s bathroom, but I feel that if they are on their period, they should use the women’s bathroom at those times.’

‘The university has no business paying for hygiene products beyond toilet paper and soap, first of all, and second of all, men have no need for these products,’ another student wrote.

The results of the referendum were presented to the university’s president to discuss implementation.


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