Doctors Said There’s Nothing They Could Do, Then She Found Help And Now She’s Completely Transformed

An inspirational and touching story that illustrates the true meaning of hope. A girl who has undergone reconstructive surgery has regained her smile and spirit as it was back then before the accident that ruined her life occurred.


Everyday there are so many people in the world who get injured and even die due to lack of good healthcare. In fact, there are many areas where people need to walk hundreds of miles just to get to a proper doctor.

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The total transformation of Zubaida Hasan

In the Middle East or rural parts of Africa and Asia are one of the places where people have extreme difficulty finding the health care they need which is why it is so important to help these people whenever possible.

One little girl named Zubaida Hasan had what might have been the scariest thing that could happen to somebody in an accident at home.

Zubaida was taking propane and filling up a stove which was going to be used to cook food for the night, but the propane was hot and something caused it to catch fire, thus setting Zubaida on fire as well.

The burn was so bad that it melted the entire bottom half of her face down to her chest, and she is had nowhere to go for her burns after that.  Doctors thought she was going to die, and nobody was doing anything to help her.

It was because of American soldiers that she is still living today.

After 9/11, American troops were sent to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, and some of the soldiers saw Zubaida and how much she was suffering, so they decided to do everything they could to help her.


They hooked Zubaida and her parents up with one of the best burn treatment centers in the world, and she was sent there for reconstructive surgery.

The plastic surgeon from Los Angeles named Peter Grossman helped Zubaida, and over the course of a year she underwent 12 major surgeries to try and fix her body.  Grossman was so awed at how strong Zubaida and immediately began to take a strong liking to her.

He even welcomed her into his home, and helped her get through the rough time that she had to spend to get her face and body back to normal.

Zubaida’s parents stayed in Afghanistan at the time, and were given a satellite phone to make calls to her about once a week.  It had been over a year, and the time had some for Zubaida to finally come home back to her parents after recovering and even learning English in 12 weeks!


Her parents were at a loss for words when they saw her, completely transformed and given a new chance at life that other doctors previously thought was impossible.  They threw their arms around Grossman with thanks that they just couldn’t express with language.

It is so incredible to hear of people giving such love and support for somebody, even when they are completely unrelated.  Zubaida now has a chance at life that she otherwise wouldn’t have been given.


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