She Has No Idea Her Brother Returning From Deployment Is Behind Her, Then She Hears His Voice [WATCH]

For years, thousands of young brave Americans had been deployed overseas in service to freedom and war on terror. It has always been heartbreaking to be apart from your family plus the difficulty and hardship that you would face in a foreign land. But, despite all that, homecomings has always been and will always be a special affair.

A young soldier, who has been deployed in Italy for three years, was filmed after he surprised his beloved sister who has no idea of his return.

Shane Rader, 22-years old, from Gilbert, Arizona, was deployed in Italy for three years, is about t return home after he found out that he would complete his duty abroad by December, he decided to keep it a secret from his family.


“He played it off through Snapchat, and made it seem like he was still in Italy and would be there for a while,” John said, Shane’s older brother told “He let me know, but he didn’t want to tell anyone else,” he added.

Shane was picked up by his older brother John, and upon arriving at their home, the family dog recognizes Shane right away but Shane’s younger sister Elizabeth is still unaware that he is only a few feet away.

Elizabeth, who has no idea who just walked through the door, continues to watch TV. Shane walks into the living room and just stands over her. When she looks up and realizes that she’s looking at Shane instead of John, she absolutely loses it.

Elizabeth gasps in disbelief before crying out his name in excitement, leaping up and locking her arms and legs around him. The reunited pair stay locked in the embrace for several moments, remaining completely silent as they stand stunned by emotion

“They’re really close,” said their older brother John, who caught the entire reunion on camera.


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