Woman Busted For Shoplifting, Look What She Shoved In Her Pants [VIDEO]

A woman who was identified as Sierra Coleman was busted shoplifting a frying pan after her Skintight athleisure pants failed to conceal the cookware item. The incident was recorded around 7:00 p.m. December 30 outside a St. Louis Ikea store showing 28-year-old woman being restrained by two loss prevention officers, according to KTVI-TV.


In the video clip, Coleman is seen struggling as she was trying to break free, and the woman filming can be heard exclaiming, “Is that a pot in the back of your pants?”

Sierra Coleman, 28, was busted shoplifting a frying pan from Ikea Store
Sierra Coleman, 28, was busted shoplifting a frying pan from Ikea Store

Not only is the outline of the cookware item clearly visible through her Nike pants, the entire handle can also be seen sticking out of her waistband.


Coleman argued that the way she was being detained was illegal because she was pregnant, but eventually removed the pan from her pants and dropped it on the ground, then walked inside with the employees to wait for the police.

Fox31 Denver reported that the woman faced two misdemeanors for theft and one charge of assault, according to the Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis.

According to the charging document, employees saw Coleman put bed sheets in a bag and then walk out of the store without paying.  When an Ikea security officer attempted to stop her, she bit his arm. But, it was unclear how the pan ended up in her pants.

The video has gone viral after a woman named Dani Rosemary downloaded the video and posted it to her account after the original video was deleted, The Fox31 reported. Rosemary doesn’t know who initially shot the video, according to KTVI.

Some viewers were sympathetic towards Coleman, saying that it was apparent that she was suffering from a mental condition. One of the viewers has offered some pragmatic commentary advice: “If you’re going to attempt to steal something in your pants, at least wear loose-fitted clothing.”


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