This Autistic Man Was Sad Blockbuster Closed, So His Parent Did Something SO Amazing

Sadly, all things come to an end. Just like the Blockbuster who went bankrupt in 2010 and close its remaining stores in 2014, leaving those of us who came of age in the era of home video rentals with a deep, cavernous void in our souls.

Javier Zuniga, 19, who lives with his family in south Texas, shared pictures on Twitter of his parents surprising his brother Hector with the new at-home Blockbuster store.


Javier and his brother, Hector, who has autism, were customers of Blockbuster until it finally shuts down, a thing which upset Hector.

Twitter post of Javier Zuniga
Twitter post of Javier Zuniga

People with autism tend to have daily routines so that they know what is going to happen each day, so Javier’s parents made something very special to Hector to cushion the blow about the closure of their son’s favorite store.

His parents knowing ow much the store meant for him, created a mini Blockbuster store at home, stocked with Hector’s favorite movies, and surprised him with it.


Javi tweeted several photos of his very excited brother, standing with his own Blockbuster-themed DVD shelves.

Javier wrote on Twitter: “My autistic brother was sad that Blockbuster was closing down, so my parents made a mini one at home for him.”

His father told Huffington Post, that he and his wife have been taking Hector to their local Blockbuster store since he as 13. After knowing that it was shutting down, they bought some of the stocks and signage and build their own version at home.

“It’s hard for my son to express emotions,” Mr. Zuniga said, “but when he saw the room [at home], his eyes were as big as saucers.”


“It was one of those moments that us parents live for,” he added.

The original tweet showing the touching scene has now been liked more 125,000 times and shared more than 30,000 times.


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