This Girl Got Ultimate Revenge On Ex Who Dumped Her A Week Before Prom


Imagine your boyfriend of nearly a year not only dumping you a week before the big dance, but also asking you for the $95 he spent on the ticket back. Yes, this has happened to Twitter usPanchal Maria, a Columbine High School student dumped one week before prom. And, she ultimately got her payback by literally paying back her ex-boyfriend.

The teenager, Maria Panchal of Littleton, says her boyfriend of 11 months not only broke up with her, leaving her high and dry for school prom, but has also requested she hand over the $95 he gave her to pay for the party bus the two planned on taking to the dance, where she said she devised a plan.


Maria figured she owed him $95 so she’d give him back $95 – just in the form of 9500 pennies. She filled four glass jars with the pennies and a note telling him to “have fun at prom.”

Maria posted her ex’s texts that said, “[How ever] you need to get my money back is up to you. I can pick it up, or you can drop it off whichever is convenient for you. I need it today or tomorrow.”

According to Fox31, the teen said her revenge was justified. “What he did wasn’t okay so, I thought of a harmless way to mess around.”

Maria tweeted pictures of her ex’s text and her response with the hashtag #BoyfriendOfTheYear.


Her ex characterized her as “crazy” and posted a picture of his new girlfriend.

While some are tweeting that her actions were petty, many others are praising the teen’s creative revenge.

One fan suggested she “put it in a cardboard box and unsealed the bottom, so when he picks it up…bam.”

Maria didn’t have to wait long to find a new date, she attended the prom with one of her best friends.


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