Large Numbers Of Horses Are Being Stuffed Into These Crates For A Despicable Reason

In common culture, horses are seen as magnificent and noble animals. Often used for riding only, you would have thought that it is taboo to eat horse meat. Sadly, this is true for unwanted horses in both the United States and Canada.

They will be shipped via air to Japan for their meat.

Horse meat
Horse meat

Horse meat is used for a prized Japanese dish called “Basho”.

The horses are not just shipped for their meat. for their oil too to be used in hair products.

The demand in Japan feeds this export, with horses being slaughtered for these purposes.

The Canadian Food Export Inspection Association has no rules regarding their welfare.

The crates are sometimes too short in height for them, some horses even die during flights.

A lack of enforcement by the association allows the export to be profitable.

Check out this video below!


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