Two Girls Find Out They’re Dating The Same Guy And Plot The Ultimate Revenge

Ah, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune of love, that can so easily turn into poisoned barbs and bitter resentment when something goes wrong, which, unfortunately, it often does.

The pair concocted a plan whereby Mared would be with Lewis at a cocktail bar
The pair concocted a plan whereby Mared would be with Lewis at a cocktail bar

Young love is a many splendoured thing and an important part of maturing and growing up into the responsible adults today’s youth will one day become, but I’m sure we can all recall an occasion of spurned love that, at the time, felt like the end of the world.

People make mistakes in their days of youthful folly, perhaps unaware of the damage and upset that unfaithful or else insensitive actions of those in a relationship can cause to a significant other. Often, we learn from these mistakes and whether borne out of a desire to not replicate those feelings of guilt, or otherwise by realising that such mistakes are not fair to those upon whom they are inflicted, do not repeat them.

Regrettably though, for some, a relationship is akin to a game, and a spouse’s feelings come secondary to their own desire to run amok over the relationship with a blithe disregard for the consequences.

It seems that in this case, Matt Lewis was one such individual.

He had been dating a girl named Georgia on and off for around four years before the pair began officially dating again in November of last year, to all intents and purposes a happy couple.

The plot thickens, though, because a second girl, named Mared, who had dated Lewis between September and February the same year had received contact from the would-be Lothario once more;

“He kept saying he wanted me back. I thought I would humour him. But I could just tell something was off.

I thought things didn’t seem right so I decided to speak to Georgia to get the lowdown. I told her what he had said about getting back together. She hated me at first but we talked on the phone for about three hours.

She didn’t know I was still in the picture, she thought I was a crazy ex, and I thought she was a crazy ex. He had made it out like Georgia was a crazy ex but turns out he was seeing her at the same time and they got back in November.”

The pair concocted a plan whereby Mared would be with Lewis at a cocktail bar, only for Georgia to walk in and give the shocked man what for.

Describing the scene in a post on Facebook, Mared said;

“Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man. Not enough of a man to two time us and get away with it though. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him so speechless. Romantic evening planned with me tonight, and he thought he was going on a lovely spa weekend with her little did he know that playing a LAWYER and a JOURNALIST wasn’t really a smart move.

He played us against each other but never suspected that we’d maybe be able to outsmart his little mind. I wish I’d caught his face when he saw her walk in. Priceless.”

With a somewhat grudging admiration, I must say that Matt Lewis doesn’t seem too concerned with the furore his actions caused, telling the Sun, “Yes, I started seeing Mared in September, when I was single. And when Georgia came back into the picture I was seeing both. It’s ‘cushioning’. Which many people do as insurance. And the way I see it, I am not married, engaged, in a committed relationship, so I am still single and free to do as I wish.”

And they say there are no gentleman left in the world.


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