Deaf Muslim Girl Badly Beaten After Converting To Christianity



Christianity and Islam are two of the largest religions in the world and share a historical and traditional connection, but with some major theological differences. The two faiths share a common place of origin in the Middle East, and both are monotheistic religions. However, Muslim expansion into Christian territories and Christian imperialism in Muslims lands have fostered fear and ill-will on both sides. While a number of verses in the Qur’an call for treating Christians and Jews with respect as recipients of God’s divine message, in reality many Muslims have found it difficult not to see Christians as polytheists because of their doctrine of the Trinity.


With all the conflicts regarding religions and beliefs it would be nice to assume that your family would be the last place that you have to worry about religious persecution. However, that is not always the case.

A disturbing story of a young deaf girl from a Central Asian country was badly beaten by her Muslim family after they found out that she is now a follower of Jesus Christ.


Deaf Christian convert Saida
Deaf Christian convert Saida

The deaf girl’s name is Saida, and her family follows a Muslim faith. However, Saida went against her family’s Muslim faith and embraced Christianity.


After knowing about Saida’s change of faith, she ended up in the intensive care unit of a hospital after suffering a severe beating from family members who tried to force her to renounce Christ, according to Open Doors USA.

“When the police came, the police saw it was her family beating her and they said, ‘Well, this is a family issue, so we won’t get involved.'” The family then realized they kind of had immunity to continue to beat her, so they continued to do so to the point where she had to be brought to the hospital in intensive care,” explained Rob Myers, president of DOOR International, an organization that assists deaf people around the world by teaching about Jesus Christ and Christianity.


Members of the local church in an unnamed country are planning to take Saida from the hospital and take her to a safe place. However, her relatives threatened to call the authorities to prevent anyone from interfering with their access to the child.

“What’s different for deaf believers is many times parents are unaware of what’s going on in their child’s life. They may be meeting with people, they may even be signing with friends about Scripture, and their parents have no idea because most parents of deaf children don’t actually sign,” Myers said.

It’s unclear if the family is facing any kind of charges, but it certainly doesn’t sound like that’s even on the table at the moment.

In 2015, ISIS was reported to have been trying to recruit deaf people to its jihadist cause.


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