Drunk Guy Chooses The Wrong Guy To Pick A Fight With [VIDEO]


While most of us love doing some funny stuff for a night life, we sometimes come up enjoying the unexpected things. But perhaps little did some people know, sometimes a fun night out turns out unreasonably violent. And this has happened to a shirtless guy who went violent and has learned a big mistake when he ended up receiving a knockout punch from a total stranger as a perfect match he’s looking for. The video of the incident has gone viral and has been bringing too much fun to some of the viewers.


The video shows a shirtless guy, who was identified as Cody, decided to take out his rage on John Hernholm after he got kicked out of the bar in in Johnson City, Tennessee. He never did think he was getting into a fight that he had no hope of winning – picking the wrong person, a 320lb MMA fighter doorman who was TWICE his size and who has a 5-0 amateur and a 1-0 pro record.

Despite the drunk adopting an aggressive boxing stance and throwing some air punches, his 320-pound opponent does not seem worried by the small man trying to pick a fight.

But when the street punk gets closer – and a moment later he throws his wild punch, which Hernholm easily evades, the much-bigger fighter strikes back with a direct cross to the face. The single strike knocks the shirtless and stunned ‘Cory’ to the ground, where he is easily restrained.


We can hear the cameraman laughing in the video as the drunk is pinned to the ground.

The video drew many different comments from the million viewers. Doorman was compared to Floyd Mayweather when the video went viral.

A commenter said: ‘Shoulder roll followed by right uppercut. Beautiful counter. Was one of Mayweather’s signature moves. The bouncer must be a big boxing fan.’

Another commenter said: ‘That’s happens when you drink a lot and play GTA and Street Fighter.’


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