Pregnant Mom Loses Everything In A Fire, Here Is How Firefighters Gave Her Hope [WATCH]


Fire-fighters takes a lot of courage for them to run into a burning building, placing their lives at risk in order to save another is one of the many characteristics which qualify them as heroes


Nicola Taylor and the firefighters who gave him hope
Nicola Taylor and the firefighters who gave him hope


However, members of the Lauderhill Fire Department in South Florida are showing us that heroes are not only defined by their bravery but by their compassion and generosity as well. In addition to saving one pregnant woman’s life, they also gave her hope to start once again.

On April 10, Nicola Taylor’s apartment caught fire due to an electrical problem. Firefighters arrived quickly on the scene and extinguished the blaze.

Taylor is eight months pregnant, lived with her father, cousin, and cousin’s 2-year-old son. Thankfully, they were all able to escape safely, but sadly, most of the apartment and the items in it were destroyed.

Taylor’s friends and family had given her a baby shower just two days before the tragedy; everything she and the baby were given was destroyed in the fire. When the firefighters went through the apartment in the aftermath, they saw the damaged gifts and were touched emotionally.

“[The firefighters] heard the story, they saw the condition of the apartment and their hearts were broken,” Captain Jerry Gonzalez said. “They’re people just like everybody else, and their hearts were broken with this story. She’s eight months pregnant and lost everything in a baby shower just recently, and they wanted to do something.”

So, the firefighters began a GoFundMe Page and collected baby donations in order to help Taylor and her family. The response they received was overwhelming and when they surprised Taylor with another baby shower, she was left speechless.
“God is amazing,” Taylor said. “This is more stuff than I had. Thank you.”


“There’s somebody to call every day,” Taylor said. “Even if the Fire Marshal doesn’t call, there’s somebody to call to ask if we’ve eaten, if we’re okay or they stop by to see us.”

“It’s so overwhelming,” Taylor’s father, Glenton Daley, 50, said. “I don’t know how to thank them. “I was worried…it was painful and unbearable and these angels came along and stood by me. I’m so thankful.”

Without a doubt, Taylor and her family were deeply moved by the firefighters generosity. They were even more impressed by how supportive the firefighters have been through it all.


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