If The Eggs You Buy Have Pale Yolks, Toss Them Out IMMEDIATELY! [VIDEO]

Did you know that the color of the egg yolks in your breakfast eggs indicates where they come from and how they were raised? If you’re looking for healthier eggs that come from the best chickens, you’ll be surprised to learn that you don’t want to see a pale-yellow yolk. While the grocery industry has taught you to believe that this is good for you, in truth a darker, orange-yellow shade is much better for your health. Below we are going to go over why this is the case…

If you buy eggs at random, you won’t be able to tell how healthy the contents are until you start to crack them open. Unless you know the eggs you bought are from a local farmer, you’re probably not eating the healthiest ones money can buy – and this can be detrimental to your health.

When the yolk of your egg is darker, it has more nutrients. Pale-yellow yolks come from chickens that are fed on unhealthy corn diets. When chickens are given more nutrition to survive on than just corn, then they produce eggs that are healthier for you.

Farmers have known this for years, but the grocery industry has tried to hide this fact from consumers for fear of losing business. But take it from one farm…

According to Schacht Farm: “The first thing customers notice in our eggs is the bright orange yolk. Then comes the flavor…wonderful! The hens chase after bugs and forage for legumes. We supplement their diet with non-GMO grains and organic supplements. Pastured hens that are free ranging produce eggs with more Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A as well as less cholesterol than the conventionally raised variety. There are many variables that determine what the eggs will look like throughout the year — the age and breed of the hens, length of day, available forage, temperature and supplemental feed all play a part in what our hens produce.”

In the video below, you’ll learn more about eggs. The clip asks you to pick which egg is from the healthiest chicken – and is, therefore, healthier for you to consume. It’s not the yellow egg-like you think.

In short, pale yellow yolks lack nutrients. When making your breakfast, you want eggs that produce dark-orange yolks – these are the most nutrient dense out there.

According to the description of the video below, yolk thickness also matters.

“Yolks from healthy chickens tend to be thicker and rounder. This means better taste and more nutrients. You need to examine the thickness of the egg yolk when determining the quality of an egg.”

Just the same the thickness of the shell is also important.

“If the egg cracks easily than it is not a good-quality egg,” the description adds. “Chickens which have a rich diet and a good overall health produce very strong eggs. If an egg is really healthy its shell should be very difficult to crack.”

Did you know that the color of the egg yolk indicated its healthfulness? Is this something you’re going to watch out for moving forward?

Source: AWM

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