‘I Work At A F**king News Station, Motherf**ker’: Reporter Arrested After Unleashing Hell On Cop

A young reporter went on an obscenity-peppered tirade Sunday night outside a Philadelphia entertainment venue before getting arrested by a local police officer.

Employees at the Helium Comedy Club asked Colleen Campbell, a 28-year-old recent graduate of Temple University if she could be quieter during actor and comic Craig Robinson’s standup performance, according to Philadelphia Magazine.

Even though management personally declined to comment, the broadcaster reportedly refused to lower her voice during Robinson’s show.

“About last night: this very obnoxious lady, who wasn’t drunk (nor high I think) was disturbing the show with her ‘loud whispering,’” comic Wil Sylvince wrote on a Facebook post. “After 3 warnings and other customers were complaining she was asked to leave.”

But as Campbell is escorted out of the building, she allegedly became extremely unruly to the point where a police officer felt compelled to get involved.

Sylvince notes that when she was initially kicked out of the comedy club, she kicked, punched, and even poked the eyes of three different employees.

“You guys are fucking dickeaters, that’s what you fucking are. You going to record that on tape?” Campbell says directly in the face of a well-mannered officer. “You are fucking cocksuckers, ” she continued emphatically, making sure to annunciate the “S” sounds.

After sharply shouting out more profanities, an apparent friend of Campbell’s tries to mediate the situation by apologizing to the officer with an embarrassed demeanor.

The unidentified law enforcement agent says he just wants Campbell to leave the premises and go home, but she refused to leave peacefully, gracefully or quickly.

“Lick my asshole, how about that? Fucking, piece of shit,” the once-up-and-coming reporter yelled at the officer. “That’s why nobody likes fucking police because they all … are idiots in this fucking town,” she shouts, right before realistically pretending to spit on man who seems to be a club employee.

“I don’t spit on you, motherfucker. It’s an illusion,” she weirdly boasted.

“She tried to spit on me, but she just couldn’t pull it off,” the man said annoyed.

The officer then handcuffs Campbell for trying to spit on the man, which triggers her pleas to check the videotape. At that point, the man accompanying Campbell looks at the camera and someone offscreen can be heard saying “Thanks Wil,” likely referring to Sylvince who posted the footage, and probably recorded it as well.

Campbell continues her anti-law enforcement and expletive-laced rant.

“I work at a fucking news station, motherfucker. I work at PHL 17. Oh, you’re going to put that on the fucking news? You’re going to go (sic) that to NBC,” Campbell howled while leaning up against the wall, still bound. “Fucking bitch, I fucking hate you guys. Fucking hate the world. No wonder everyone wants to blow your fucking heads off,” she continued, likely addressing the police officer.

Campbell has been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct reports Philly Mag. She may not be employed at PHL 17 news station anymore (or for at least much longer) since her personal biography page can no longer be found on the official site, and several other pieces of content including her appears to have been removed.

Source: Daily Caller

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