Tebow Sees Special Needs Child And Whispers Three Words In His Ear

Say what you want about Tim Tebow, but he has proven time and time again that he is a stand-up guy.  People may try to knock him down but he has the uncanny ability to get up and rise to the occasion each and every time.

Leave it to Tim Tebow to turn a loss in the second game of a doubleheader during the dog days of summer into an inspirational reminder that we could all do a little bit more for our fellow human beings.

On May 28, Tebow and the Columbia Fireflies had just wrapped up a doubleheader against the Lexington Legends in Kentucky. They won the first game 3-0 before losing the second game 2-1. But the real story of the game came afterward.

For the Dillow family, what was supposed to be a family trip to watch Tim Tebow play baseball turned into a lifelong memory that none of them will ever forget.

Despite the hectic nature of the crowds and attention that Tebow attracts, he still took the time to meet and greet a special teenager. Jack Dillow, 14, was given an incredible moment that only someone like Tebow could have provided.

“We decided as a family to go to this game because Tim Tebow was going to be there playing baseball,” mother Joy Dillow wrote to The Wildcard via e-mail. “We went to the game with family and traveled an hour and 45 [minutes] to get there.”

The Dillows are a family of athletes and Tebow fans.

“My family and I are huge fans of Tim Tebow. My husband and oldest son coach baseball: my youngest son plays baseball; my husband and other sons love football. They watch and play sports all the time. I watch sports if Tebow is playing,” wrote Joy.

When asked about why they were fans of Tim Tebow, Joy provided the perfect answer:

“I am a huge fan of how he carries himself, what he represents, and how he demonstrates his faith. Tim Tebow is a true hero and role model for young people in America today. I am especially inspired by his work through the Tim Tebow foundation for children with special needs.”

It turns out that Tebow had already had a profound impact on Jack before he ever met him in person.

“Jack, our son in the photo, has participated in the Tim Tebow ‘Night to Shine‘ event in our small town of Louisa, Kentucky. … He is also one of the reasons we went to the game,” explained Joy.

This wasn’t as easy as Tebow merely wanting to meet Jack. As he is wont to do, Tebow attracts large crowds wherever he goes. Even a postgame trip to the team bus garners attention.

“We were hanging around sort of around the outside of the group because of the wheelchair as it’s often difficult to get around a lot of people,” Joy said. But it was no problem for Tebow. After a newly acquainted friend who was closer to the team bus let Tebow know about Jack wanting to meet him, he didn’t hesitate to make it happen.

“Mr. Tebow moved the bus door and moved the barricade. He kind of picked it up and got it out of his way. When he did that, I started moving Jack’s chair forward kind of through the crowd. And everyone was really nice, they parted like the Red Sea and made a way for us to come up there. People also made a way for me to get down where I could take a nice photo,” Joy said.

Despite the frenetic pace of everything, the impact was still profound and not lost on the Dillow family.

“There wasn’t really time to talk. Tim was really busy and had just played two baseball games and lots of people wanted his autograph. But he did take the time to kneel down and say ‘God bless you’ to my son. He signed his shirt and took time for us to take the photo. It really meant a lot to me as a parent of a special needs child, that a person who is such a role model would come out of his way and kneel down and say hello to my son and sign his shirt. This memory will be special to me forever,” said Joy.

Jack Dillow suffered a severe brain injury at birth and has sustained developmental delay.

“Jack is a Tim Tebow fan because he loves everyone. He has the sweetest temperament and is always happy. He loves when people take the time to talk to him and he will always smile at you and brighten your day. Jack loves the sounds of the crowd and he especially loves the crack of the bat,” Joy said.

Tim Tebow once said special needs children “need to know that they matter. They matter to other people. They matter to God.”

It’s one thing to talk the talk. But Tim Tebow clearly knows how to walk the walk.

And that’s one memory the Dillows will never, ever forget.

Source: The Wildcard


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