Miley Cyrus In All Her Glory Decided To Spend The Day Naked on Instagram [PHOTOS]

The happy hippie is at it again, and by “it” we mean spending as little time in clothing as possible.


On Thursday, Miley Cyrus posted some pictures of herself having a great time at the beach. Part of that great time involved lounging in the sand, smoking a joint, and strategically Photoshopping her images as to get past the censors at Instagram.


For example, here’s our girl lounging at the beach with what we can safely assume is a joint in hand. Of course, the Photoshop censorship gives the whole thing a very Altered States vibe.


And then she covered her boobs with cartoons of monkeys wearing eyepatches. Okay, that’s pretty cool,

And she’s rocking a new pair of pasties. Lord knows, the girl loves pasties. Just ask Joan Jett.

She also fellated some corn on the cob, so that was exciting.


Eventually, Cyrus leaving the house in an actual shirt instead of pasties is going to become news.


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