You Need To Stop Believing These Outright Lies About Sex

Sex may be an essential part of relationships, but many people still surprisingly hold on to beliefs about it that are just flat out false. Keep your sex life healthy and read our top 10 list that debunks the biggest lies about sex. Pay really close attention to number 5.

8. “Pulling Out” Is Effective

Medically referred to as “coitus interruptus,” pulling out is not a safe birth control method whatsoever. Unlike what many guys would like to think, most men actually don’t know how to withdraw their penis on time, leading to “accidents.” Apart from that, the pre-ejaculatory fluid released during sex contains sperm could also cause unwanted pregnancy.

7. First-Time Sex Always Hurts


First-time sex should really feel just like regular sex. What really makes it painful to some women is inexperience. Some men tend to be too rough on their partners simply because they haven’t done it before. Also, women are sometimes not physically aroused enough, preventing the vagina from self-lubricating properly to prevent tearing.

6. Men Only Want Sexy Women

Women need to stop worrying too much about how they look. Honestly, most men are happy enough to see a woman naked. For women, it’s really all about accepting their flaws and learning to love their bodies. When it comes right down to it, it’s really confidence that makes women sexy.

5. Aphrodisiacs Put You In The Mood

Many cultures around the world swear that eating certain foods will spark intimacy among couples. However, there’s simply no evidence that suggests that eating dark chocolate, oyster, or even drinking snake blood will improve your performance in bed.

If you thought that was surprising, wait until you reach number 3.

4. Food And Drinks Affect The Taste Of Semen

Guys, there’s no need to eat cinnamon or drink pineapple juice before having sex. There is no scientific evidence that suggests food and drinks affect the taste of semen. Although the sodium content in semen that varies among men affects its taste to a point, there is no proof that what you eat or drink will enhance its taste.

3. An Orgasm Is A Mind-Blowing Experience

Although the “Big O” can be an amazing experience, it’s not always the kind of explosive encounter that you typically see in movies. It doesn’t always feel the same every time. Some orgasms can be really intense, while others can actually be quite unremarkable.

Click on to see which sex myth made the top of our list.

2. People Cheat To Fill The Gaps In Their Relationships

Although this myth may be true in some cases, even regular couples that are in healthy relationships are vulnerable to cheating. Sometimes people get involved in affairs simply because there’s an opportunity. People with impulsive behaviors are especially prone to cheating, regardless of the level of satisfaction in their relationships.

1. Bigger Is Always Better

Having a big penis is not always a good thing. Women with small vaginas generally don’t like big penises because it can be painful. That is why having a size compatible with your partner is always a good thing. Size doesn’t matter. It’s really all about knowing how to use it.

How many myths in our list did you believe were true? There a lot of misconceptions about sex people believe to this day because it remains a taboo subject. Even the people who swear they know a lot about sex may still believe in some things that are simply not true. Despite being a regular part of many people’s lives, sex remains mysterious because there are certain aspects about it that still can’t be discussed openly.

If we could only freely talk about sex, we could easily demystify myths that surround it. We’re glad you learned something from our list. Don’t forget to share it with your partner.

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