Immigrants Brutally Rape Girl, Give Sickening 5 Word Excuse As Judge Asked For Motive [VIDEO]

A group of Serbian migrants, ranging from 14-21, gang rapes a 14-year-old German schoolgirl in March 2006.  The 15-year-old Serbian girl invited the victim to the place where the gang migrants are waiting. Although hesitant, the victim agreed to go with her since there is another girl in the group which makes her feel safe. Before they take turns on raping her and penetrating her body with objects, the gang migrants plied the girl with alcohol. The 15-year-old Serbian girl did not help the victim but filmed the gang rape instead.

The victim’s body was dumped in the freezing courtyard in the Harburg area of Hamburg where she almost died from hypothermia. Luckily, she was saved after a local spotted her body and she was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Daily Mail reports that Prosecutor Nana Frombach confirmed the incident, saying that the victim is the victim is severely injured and had little memory of the incident.

German outlet NDR reports that the offenders were waving and grinning at the reporters like pop stars. To show no sympathy for the victim, their family member displays their smiles and wave at the camera.

Based on to the report, when migrants were asked about their motive, the court heard that they believe that the blame should be put at the victim since she was asking to be raped claiming that it was the girl’s own fault that it came to sex.  

Boris Pavlovic 21-year-old and Alexander Nicolas Kampf 16-year-old were detained and were brought to court with their assistants, Dennis Masser 14-year-old, and an unnamed 16-year-old boy.  The offenders were charged with sexual assault, 3 of them were charge attempted murder after leaving the girl almost died.  The 15-year-old girl is now on bail after initially arrested.

Article Sources: Madworld NewsDaily Mail

Video Credit:  Vlad Tepesblog/Youtube

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