NBA star stands TWO FEET taller than his petite wife

According to Daily Mail Top NBA player, petite wife has scrubbed off undesirable comments about their huge height difference, saying she finds it funny. Detroit Pistons center Boban Marjanovic, 29, is 7-foot, three-inch-tall while her wife Milica Marjanovic is two feet shorter.

Her wife post photos and videos on social media emphasizing the two-foot gap. The basketball player’s wife frequently laughs about the height difference. On a recent clip, the couple was on the street dancing and kissing with her wife looking tiny compared to her giant husband.

She said: ‘I have to admit that I like to read comments about the height difference between Boban and me. ‘Some of the comments are so funny they make me laugh with tears in my eyes!

‘Sure, there are also negative comments, but when a person is happy and satisfied with what they have, they don’t pay attention to those kinds of comments.’

The couple has been married three years ago after more than decades that they have been together. The couple has been blessed with two children.

Mrs. Marjanovic finds the hectic schedule of her husband more challenging than the height difference between the two of them.

She said: ‘At the beginning what bothered me the most was that we couldn’t plan anything because we didn’t know his schedule in advance.

‘In time I developed the ability to predict, so now I know when we can expect a free day.

‘That is something that I am used to now. Birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations generally pass by without Boban.

‘But these are minor things. I put Boban and his needs first, so he is surrounded at home by positive energy and in that way we contribute to his game.’

One of best player in this year’s FIBA is Marjanovic after he represents his national team.

Article Sources: Daily Mail/Facebook and Daily Mail  Photo Credit: Lifemagazineus,  Superswags, and Forum Building




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