Tough Elderly Teacher Is Single, Without Kids… Students Discover His Off Time Secret [WATCH]

A Vietnam War veteran, Jim O’Connor has turned to be a math teacher. After serving the United States military for years, Mr. O’Connor has a unique way to command attention as a teacher. He has known to be “tough, strict” who has a bad side you don’t want to witness.

Mr. O’Connor has been a volunteer at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles cuddling unwell infants to help calm them when their parents are incapable to. After 5 pm and on the weekends, he spends his time in the hospital.

He has become a volunteer after a friend influenced him to donate blood. As a Type O negative, which is known to be the rarest type of blood, he has become a top donor in the hospital with 72 gallons of blood donated.

In his mission to share his blood, he kept on seeing sick babies and offers the staff with help. It is amazing how good he is at cuddling babies considering the fact that he has no kids of his own. The babies seem to love how he held them as they are drawn to him once he arrives in the room.

When asked why he does this, Jim replies: “I just like them, I just relate to him somehow. I don’t want to see them alone.”

When the students were asked about what they thought of their math teacher, no one could give a precise answer. O’Connor has not shown his fun-loving side on his student. He tells in an interview, “It drives me crazy when people say that school should be fun.”

A different personality of Mr. O’Connor was discovered by senior Pat McGoldric who went to the Children’s Hospital for a meeting regarding a school-wide blood drive. The hospital staff told Pat how wonderful Jim was. As he looks around the hospital, he saw the name of Mr. O’Connor as the top blood donor. His visit to the hospital reveals what his math teacher did on his downtime.

According to Pat: “I’ve always respected him,”, “but not it’s to the point where I try to emulate him. He is the epitome of a man of service.”

Article Sources: The ShredNation/Facebook, and shareably Photo Credit: shareably Video Credit: CBS Evening News/Youtube

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