You’ll Never Want To Eat At One Of America’s Most Popular Fast Food Chains After Seeing This Viral Video

A video on YouTube went viral after an employee reveals how KFC serves their food. The video shows what the popular food chain do with the spare stock of food when it is closing time. The location where the video was recorded is still unknown; however, according to Daily Mail it is located somewhere in America.

As they prepare to close the food chain, an employee of KFC films her male colleague and confers the unsanitary practices of the restaurant.

“So what do you want to the world to know about KFC?” she asks.

The male colleague then pulls out the trays from the fridge. One of the trays contains Green bean floating from the murky looking water.  The old cups that contain gray colored water was also dispensed into the container.

She added, “So you mean to tell me, the same stuff you have in those cans all day, you put in the freezer and sell it to people tomorrow?”

He answers, “I don’t know why we do it. It’s cross-contaminated.”

Later on, he showed her a bowl of gray-green beans that was there for almost four days.

Two of the trays contain fried chicken, one has been there since 1:30 pm and the other tray had been made at 4:30 pm. According to him, these fried chicken will still be served on the following day.

“Just think, there must be mold and mildew growing there,” said the woman.

According to Daily Mail, a spokesperson from KFC has responded towards the issue.

“It unfortunately resurfaces online from time to time, often tagged as various locations inaccurately. The actions of those former employees was unacceptable,” the spokesperson said.

Over 5.3 million views were received by the video and over 12,000 comments were provided by the views. Most viewers express their disappointment to the restaurant. Worse, they do not wish to come back and eat on the food chain.

Article Sources: Opposingviews/FacebookCooking panda and Daily Mail Photo Credit: Daily Mail Video Credit: Mercedes Wright/Youtube

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