Teen Disappears. 25 Years Later, Tweets To Public To Uncover New Clues About Her Disappearance

In 1992, a 14-year-old girl Misty Copsey went missing after going to the Puyallup Fair with her friend Trina. Misty Copsey case is still open 25 years later.

According to an interview with Q13 Fox, Scott Engle, a captain with the Puyallup Police Department:

“There’s not a fair that comes and goes that we don’t think about Misty.”

A 25-year-old case is almost impossible to resolve; however, the police department of Puyallup use the influence of social media in the hopes that this will help them solve the case. On September 17, marked the 25th anniversary of the teen’s disappearance. The Puyallup Police used their Twitter account to post tweets of Misty’s perspective.

Engle also added in an interview with Q13 Fox:

“Our hope is that as people read the twitter feed, the Facebook posts, people will read the story, follow the hashtag #MistyCopsey they’ll actually hear Misty speak to their heart.”

A variety of leads and tips were established by Puyallup police department but none of those has helped them resolve the case.

Misty’s mother, Diana Smith said to Q13 Fox: 

“Time heals though, it’s been 25 years.”

She hopes that social media can help millennial know Misty after 25 years of being missing.

Smith said: “It would mean the world to mean, to have my child home, knowing she’s been who knows where, disrespectfully thrown somewhere, she needs to come home and be laid to rest and I need to be able to go be with her and talk to her.”

Puyallup police hope that this innovative method can finally put an end on this case.

Article Sources: TheShredNation/Facebook, shareably, Q13 Fox and Puyallup Police/Tweeter Photo Credits: Puyallup Police/Tweeter and Pierce County Video Credit: Q13 Fox

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