First Hand Account Of Vegas Shooting From Inside A Cab [RAW VIDEO]

Later in the video, you can hear one concert goer “screaming don’t leave me, don’t leave me!”

During the shooting on Sunday night a cab driver began filming in the parking lot of Mandalay Bay.

While bullets were flying overhead this cabbie drove from Mandalay Bay to the far side of the concert area, where she picked up a group who had to jump the fence to get away, and drove them miles away.

The concert goers give their recollection of what happened.




This is the excerpt from the original Youtube video:

Unpredictable Randomness! At the 4:59 mark you see a second shooter in the window of about the 7th or 10th floor. Men unleashed a barrage of gunfire from a hotel room onto an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 60 people and wounding at least 515 others on Sunday night. Firsthand Video Account of Cori Langdon Las Vegas Cab Driver


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