Killing Europe: Trailer – Cultural Warfare Seen With New Eyes [VIDEO]

Europe is changing for the worse and the world knows it.  The elite of Europe who operate under the doctrine of “multiculturalism” continue assisting military age males as they cross over the mediterranean into Europe, from Africa and the Middle East.  Over the last year entire villages within Europe have been overcome with illegal migrants who terrorize these villages, forcing the natives to move for the safety of their children.  Now these villages are being flipped to operate under Sharia Law, and anyone who publicly opposes this change is labeled a Nazi by the government and the press.

Killing Europe is a documentary of a Danish expatriate who has returned home to see the cultural warfare in his country in full effect, with fresh eyes.

“Terrorist attacks, riots, and gang rapes are striking at the very foundations of Europe. This is the story of a Danish expatriate and his quest to uncover the growing issues within the European society he left 15 years ago, challenging the viewer with a vision of a Europe undergoing drastic and far reaching changes.” -

Click here to watch Killing Europe.

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