Meth Addict Shares Photo Of Transformation After Becoming Sober, Looks Unrecognizable [WATCH]

You might be unfamiliar with this bone-chilling fact, but every illegal drug that is tearing apart families these days was once brought to the public as a medicine prescribed by doctors. Depression, narcolepsy, obesity and ADHD are just a few of the disorders that could be cured with methamphetamine, or ‘meth’. That all happened almost 100 years ago, when doctors couldn’t know the addictive properties that drug could have on the human body.

One young woman, who shall remain anonymous, managed to clear her system of the devastation that meth brought on her body, even had a child. But when she was in her teens, she got exposed to the drug and was addicted by the time she turned 19.

Methamphetamine was originally discovered in 1919 and used as a treatment for issues including depression, narcolepsy, obesity, ADHD, and alcoholism. But, years later congress discovered that the drug actually wasn’t all that beneficial, and they went on to categorize it as a Schedule II drug. That didn’t stop addicts from continuing to get their hands on it, and in 2012, 1.2 million Americans used methamphetamine, also known as “meth.”

The aftermath that meth leaves on the body are quite devastating, and it often leads to overdose that ends in death.


She shows all the telltale signs of a person addicted to meth: thin build due to excessive weight loss (she was actually 5’9 and 110 pounds here), skin sores on her face, barely opened eyes, dry cracked skin,  dark circles under the eyes. And these are just the ones that we can see from the photo. There may also be decaying teeth and obvious behaviors that contribute to the fact that she’s a user.

When most addicts post images of their descent into addiction, it shows the decline in health and the rise in the obvious symptoms. For example, they may post their first picture showing themselves prior to usage, then they will add photos that chronicle the rapid decline. This woman has done quite the opposite. She has shared a photo of her at her worst, and follows it up with a photo of herself today, after beating the addiction.

“The first picture is me at 19 at the peak on my addiction. I was 110 pounds and 5’9. I was a thief, a horrible friend, stole from my family, lied and cheated,” said the woman, as she courageously shared her story.

And then, one day when she was 22 years old, she woke up and made the decision to change her life. Now, for those who know anything about meth, it is an extremely addictive drug, so this woman had some major self-control and dedication to getting better. She must’ve really wanted it.

“When I was 22, I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought this isn’t who I want to be. I walked away and never looked back,” she said.

She started her transition by getting a dog, someone who could be loyal to her on her path to recovery. The two instantly became best friends, as they hitchhiked their way across the country.

Since she made the decision to quit meth, she has been clean for nine years and has a nine-year-old daughter who means the world to her.Check out the video below to see how she looks today, completely unrecognizable from the previous photo…

“Now I am about to get my BA as an accountant and I have the most wonderful almost 3-year-old. I just want you to know whoever you are and whatever you are dealing with that there is hope. Life goes onwards and upwards if you have the courage to stand up and try it.”

Her story and photos have gone viral and she has been an inspiration for other addicts who are struggling to quit.

One former drug dealer and user got the wake up call after finding his mother, a registered nurse and also an opioid user, dead in their home. You can never know when it comes, but there is always hope!

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