Mom Asks Teens To Stop Talking During Movie, Doesn’t Remember What Happened Next

Tuesday night, Heather Piper and her friends went out and to see a movie. They went at the Century 16 Belmar Theater in Lakewood, Colorado. After paying for the movie, she was annoyed with the group of the teenager.

The teenagers kept crawling over seats and yelling. Because they paid good money to watch the movie, she politely asks them to keep quiet. But the teenagers appear to hear nothing. As a result, she yelled at them and told them to “shush”. However, that doesn’t work either. To calm down the teenagers, another moviegoer got a security for assistance.

Piper was pleased after the theater was quiet. She enjoyed the movie and forgot about the teenagers. But she was not taken for granted by the group and they want her to pay back. After the movie, they waited for Piper to come out of the theater.

When she finally leaves the theater, she was allegedly assaulted by a teen. As she was beaten, her friends seek for help. She punches her at the face then brutality left her with bruises, lacerations, and a broken nose. She was immediately sent to the hospital after the incident.

According to Denver.CBSlocal Piper ask, ‘What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?’ And she lost it. She started hitting me again and then started crying saying, ‘Well, you called me ghetto.”

The beating jogged her memory, she has recalled using the offensive term at them. Because she lost her temper during the confrontation at the start of the movie, she insulted the teens and called them ‘ghetto’.

As she was assaulted by the teens, she chooses not to fight back. Piper is a Foster parent, she is afraid to lose her license if she fights back at the teenagers. Piper was covered by her own blood when she was brought to the hospital.

The police are still looking for the teen responsible for the assault. The teen ran away after she has beaten Piper. To identify her, police are looking for surveillance footage. The teen was a black girl presumed to be between 16-20 years old.

Artice Source: Denver.CBSlocal Photo Credit: CBSlocal Video Credit: CBSlocal

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