Couple Accused Of Prostituting Young Girl For 13 Years In Exchange For Drugs

A couple in Florida was alleged of prostituting a young girl for 13 long years in exchange for drugs.

The accused were Kevin Wyatt and Celeste Chambers are arrested after trading sexual acts with a young girl for drugs.  It is believed that the trade of sexual acts begun in February 2003 when the girl was three years old at that time.

According to the Miami Herald, Chamber was arrested in June 2017 for sexual battery on a child under 12 by an adult; lewd or lascivious molestation; lewd or lascivious conduct; lewd or lascivious battery; lewd or lascivious exhibition; child abuse; and human trafficking by a parent, legal guardian or custodian but she was later released.

On Friday, she was re-arrested together with Wyatt. The couple was charged with three counts of sexual assault, one count of lewd or lascivious behavior and one count of cruelty toward a child.

Sheriff Franklin posted on Facebook about the couple arrest on Sunday. His caption also included how they found the couple.

“Great work this afternoon by FCSO and FWC capturing a fugitive from Gadsden County who was wanted on 5 warrants to include sex trafficking. Kevin Wyatt prostituted a young girl for 13 years in exchange for drugs. He was hiding on a houseboat off East River.”

After this was posted on October 09, it receives a different reaction from the Facebook user.

Here are some comments of the Facebook user who upset of the couple’s action:

“What a sick man !!  Too bad they didn’t take him deep into the woods and feed him to the gators !!!!”

“God Bless that child! How horrific for her to have to endure the sickness of these pieces of S%it. May they rot in Hell.”

“Glad they got him shame he got away with it for soooo long.  But it’s over now for him.  Lock him up for life.”

“They can burn in hell. People like this should not b on this earth. The sad part is I knew them from the past.  It’s just sad and hurts so much.”

Most of the comments commended the police for a job well done.

“Great job capturing him.”

“So glad we finally have a Sheriff’s Department to be proud of thanks to Sheriff A.J.!”

Article Sources: Miami Herald and Franklinsheriff/Facebook Photo Credit: Franklinsheriff/Facebook and Crime Watch Daily

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