Father Finally Sentenced After Multiple Dismissals In Son’s Scalding Death

On March 16, Anna Ritchie stepmother of  Austin Cooper held him in a bathtub of scalding water. The child’s body was burned about 28 percent. After the incident, Anna put the boy on the bed where he died of shock. The child abuse was caused by hatred of her stepmother to the child. She blames the child of having fewer dates with her husband. According to the investigation, she purposely put the child in a scalding water.

The brutal act of Anna Ritchie sentenced by judge Warren to 18 years of life in prison. Even though she cannot bring the kid back into life before she was sentenced, she has apologies for her unlawful action.

“I am deeply sorry for what happened. I know no amount of I’m sorry can bring him back.”

The father of the Robert Ritchie, 31, is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony child endangering for allegedly failing to obtain medical treatment for his son.

On Tuesday, a Warren County father was sentenced to seven years in prison after the scalding death of his son. Robert Ritchie was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and felony child endangering for allegedly failing to obtain medical treatment for his son.

Robert Peeler Warren County judge told Ritchie after the decision:

“Your conduct did cause physical harm to the child.”

The board found that Robert Ritchie did not do anything to save his son, even though he arrives at the house after scalding incident. David Fornshell Warren County Prosecutor said:

“It was a completely survivable injury. Our experts say it was a 99 percent survivable injury if dad would have just gone in the other room and checked on him.”

Sheri Gredig was relieved after the verdict was given. “This can’t ever bring him back but at least he’s at peace.” The victim’s mother will visit his grave bringing him a message: “Even though he’ll be missed every day, the people that did this to him aren’t walking free and having a good time.”

Frank Shiavone was not happy with the verdict. “Obviously, he’s devastated. Very, very disappointed.” he believes that Robert Ritchie will still appeal the juries verdict.

Article Sources: WLWT News  Photo Credit: Crime Warch Daily Video Credit: WLWT/Youtube

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