15 Passive-Aggressive Neighbors Everyone Can Relate To

A nice and peaceful neighborhood is everyone’s dream because nobody wants the stress living to insensitive neighbors who do not care about the people around them.

All we want from our neighbors are a kind heart, a little consideration, an ounce of cleanliness, and respect so we can all live peacefully.

Dealing with nasty neighbors can be enough to drive even the most serene person to the edge.

Since we can’t choose the type of neighbors we have, many people just sugar coat their stress in taking funny photos, which they’ve been sharing online. These photos usually went viral as many people can relate to it.

Check out the 15 most entertaining neighbors below.

1. “My neighbor made their balcony into a pirate ship!” They might be a fan of Jack Sparrow!

2. You only think they are your weird neighbors…

3. These neighbors don’t understand how Santa’s sleigh works… 

4. What’s creepier, the watermelons or you photographing your neighbor at 3 a.m.?

5. “My neighbors walk their parrots like this”

6. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid-July. I say this summer, it’s game on.”

7. “Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin to fix a crack. My 92-year-old neighbor obviously thought we were labeling our bins with our unit numbers…”

8. “Top: My apartment’s balcony (2 guys). Bottom: Our neighbors’ balcony (2 girls).”

9. Ohhhh C’mon people. The cat wants to change.

10. “My neighbor leaves this in his window to scare passers-by.”

11. “Our neighbor likes to turn on floodlights that beam through our windows at night… My dad hates him so much that he’s installing one-way mirrors facing his house. The mirrors bounce it back and retain the darkness inside our house.”

12. Spay and neuter your cats, folks.

13. “Neighbor has a giant Godzilla statue in his yard.” I don’t know how the giant can sleep at night.

14. “My neighbor brought us a plate of Christmas cookies. After eating the whole plate, we found this at the bottom.”

15. Take that, Bob! Show some appreciation

Share a smile to your neighbors by sharing these hilarious photos.

Article Sources: Inspire More, The Shred Nation/Facebook Photo Credit: Inspire More 

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