Girl Begs For Massive Ship To Honk. 10 Million Have Watched Her Regret It Immediately

Sometimes in life we get the things we desire; however, there maybe unforseen or unpleasant consequences. Just like the young little girl who knew what she wanted but did not expect what she was going to get.

A video with 10 Million views in Youtube shows how the young girl wish was granted.  The young girl is Vilma from Sweden. The your liitle girl was overjoyed to see a massive ship sail. Extremely amaze by the ship structure she just wish for one thing.

She wants the ship to honk its horn. While standing on the edge of the pier she was doing a hand gestures like shes trying to pull a rope on the train to indicate her stop. She was doing the gesture repeatdly  with “toot toot” mimicking the sound of the horn.

The girl did not stop the gesture with sound until her persistence has pay off. Finally the ship finally recognize her request  and give her loud and bighonks.  Frightened by the honk, she ran way from the edge of the pier.

It not clear if the crew saw her request and purposely gives her a honk. If that was real that would be just so cute.

As of this writing this video got 65,000 likes  with 5,000 comments. Most comment on the video said this remind them of their childhood memories.

“Aw this brings back good memories of when I was a kid. Whenever I was on the school bus, I would do that hand motion  and the trucks would always honk back!.”

“This reminds of me when I was a kid (probably aroud 4-6) and around my Grandma’s. I would play in the back lawn which backed onto the train tracks doing whatever I did as a kid that age. The track tracks were separated behind tall metal.”

“Remids me when I was 6 and barked at a dog, only the dog to rip my throat out.”

Others thinks the video is Hilarius.

“That made my day.”

“This just kills me, Its too funny.”

“Makes me smile every time I watch it. I don’t believe Vilma was really frigthened. bless her.”

Article Source:Tobias Hansson/Youtube Photo Credit: Hello Giggles Video Credit: Tobias Hansson/Youtube

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