It Costs Taxpayers MILLIONS to Remove All THESE Confederate Statues

Cities bowing to the political correctness of the times are finding out that catering to every whim of liberals is extremely expensive. In Richmond, VA the whole process of erasing pieces of American history could cost taxpayers around $3 million every year.  The Monument Avenue Preservation Society says that by removing the status, property values will go down by 10-20 percent, essentially also costing taxpayers $3 million a year.

San Antonio, TX is in a battle within City Hall about the overages they paid on what was supposed to cost the city around $150,000 for a third party to remove some statues that ended up costing the city almost twice that.  Most of the overages were for police overtime and equipment required to keep the libs from causing harm to the statues, or further harm if you believe they should not have been moved from their resting place in the first place.

Dallas, TX incurred a bill for roughly half a million dollars to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee and they are even considering spending more to remove more statues.

One of the statues Dallas is considering moving is a giant monument built in 1896 that is estimated to come with an $800,000 removal cost. Dallas actually has an entire task for dedicated to the removal efforts of confederate statues in their city.

Some of Dallas’ task force members have the view that if there were statues in Hitler’s name that no amount of money would be too steep to have it removed.  So now they are comparing the greatest villain of all time, to a bunch of people patriotic to their states, fighting to the death for what they were told was the right thing?  That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

Earlier this year, New Orleans had it budget strained to the tune of $2.1 million, which originally was supposed to be footed by a private citizen who pledged to pay for the removals, but apparently the city still is stuck with the bill until the citizen either comes up with the cash, or renegs.

These are just a few cases of cities bearing the costs of political correctness, even though in most of the cities, the vast majority of people, according to polls, don’t support the expensive removals.  With this, cities across the nation which are still considering removals of Confederate monuments, many of which have been standing over a hundred years, are facing more expenses that will be forced on their taxpayers, whether they like it or not.

And let’s be honest folks – most of us didn’t even know half of these statues existed. Leave them alone, save money, and move on from being offended by some old piece of rock.

Source: breitbart, and TrendingViews

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