New Uncle Sam Poster Outrages Liberal Snowflakes [WATCH]

INFOWARS reports:

College liberals were extremely triggered when posters with the classic Uncle Sam “I Want You”  image and text reading, “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white,” were put on kiosks at Boston College during an anti-racism protest.

The flyers were found to be so offensive that they were taken down and prompted a police response where they revealed there is an investigation into the issue, but believe the flyers were put up by a white supremacist group that is not affiliated with the campus.

Local Boston news channel WHDH 7 called the posters a “disturbing discovery” and claimed they promote “white supremacist” messages.

“I am upset. I’m disappointed. I think that’s pretty much what you’ll hear from any student of color,” said Boston College Junior Naya Joseph.

This is simply another example of how American liberals want everyone to be inclusive and be proud of who they are… unless they are white.

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