Mcdonald’s Apologizes After Facebook Post Showing Cockroach Legs In Coffee Went Viral

Generally, people would go to fast-food chains because they do not have much time and it also offers nutritional choices. After a young man was served a coffee with cockroach feet at a famous fast-food chain, you might consider cooking your own food at home.

A man in Thailand expresses his disappointment towards health and sanitation of a famous fast-food chain Mcdonalds. Facebook user Nostalgic Eik of Bangkok posted a photo of floating cockroach legs on his coffee. It has a caption: “Yesterday, I went to eat at the McDonald’s outlet in Tesco Lotus Rama 4, and I found it to be in this condition. Feel bad.”

At first, he thought that the cockroach was stuck in the cup so he complained at the employee and was given a new cup of coffee.  He added: “I was given a new cup of coffee, but it seemed that the problem remained. I was given a new cup of coffee, but it seemed that the problem remained. When the staff member saw the cup with the legs, he looked at another employee and ordered him to wash the machine. When I heard this, I felt worse. I expect McDonald’s to have good standards and to clean their equipment.”

He was also surprised that the employee who handed the coffee to him did not notice that it was contaminated with insects feet. Mcdonald’s Thailand has posted an apology statement following the incident happen. They have assured all customers that their employee is following the sanitary standard and the coffee machine was removed from the location which is set for inspection.

This disturbing event has created doubt from the food-chains customer, here are some comments for their valued customer:

“The real problem here is that McDonald’s Thailand doesn’t complied with their STANDARD CLEANING PROCEDURE and QUARTERLY FUMIGATION.”

“No cockroach legs or any thing og that sort will NEVER be found in Mc D outlet all over Australia or another plCe in Europe, because the fear is too strong for penalties and etc. But just because Thailand us a third world country, these incidents will not stop.”

Article Source: Bangkokpost Photo Credit:  Bangkokpost and Businessinsider 


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