Bully Picks A Fight With The Little Guy, Quickly Finds Out He’s A Trained Fighter

During their lifetimes, it is believed that a shocking 77 percent of children are bullied either verbally, physical, or emotionally. That is a lot of suffering that children go through. And it seems that bullying is vastly under reported. According to a study from the National Bullying Prevention Center, 64 percent of children who were bullied never reported it.

But there is hope. In the same study, it was found that when a peer stands up to a bully in defense of a victim, the bullying situation stops 57 percent of the time. The most common reason people are bullied is because of looks, body shape, and race.

Bullying is a serious problem in American schools and even in the political and business arenas. It’s shocking how ‘normal’ bullying is. But we all need to stand up to bullies to stop it from happening.

One boy did just that. When a bully targeted him, he took his stance and dealt with his bully head on. It’s hard not to approve of his actions. And you can watch how he handled the situation in the video below!
In the video below, you’ll see a bully, surrounded by more than a dozen peer spectators, intimidating a youngster in a plaid shirt. As the bully in the backwards hat approaches him, the target backs away slowly and lifts his hands up in defense.

Before long, a dozen or more people have their phones out and are recording the attack. Instead of standing up to the bully, they are watching the action from behind the security of their smartphone screens. Instead of saying something, they cowardly chose to watch and join in by proxy.

At the 40-second mark, the bully takes a stance, which looks very inexperienced. He then tries to attack the victim. His first and last mistake…

But the victim quickly gets the upper hand. He kicks the bully in the leg to distract him and then unleashes an assault of punches on the punk’s face.

Onlooks holler as the victim takes the bully to the ground and gets on top of him to finish him off.

Fortunately, the victim is a mixed-martial arts student. The bully thought he was weak, but he didn’t know the teen was an experienced fighter. He lost in a matter of seconds.

More than 1.1 million people viewed this fight on YouTube. Here are some of their comments:

“People be dressing like dweebs just to make people think they don’t know MMA.”

“I think it would be awesome to be seen as an “underdog” and just beat some guy up with people surrounding you and walk away like nothing happened. Sadly I’ll probably won’t be bothered to train hard for it and likely will never get in a situation that requires it,” Aaron Brown wrote.

“Learn how to fight ” This video shows how even a tiny bit of training can really give you an advantage over someone who only THINKS they can fight.”


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