An Oklahoma mother was assaulted by a group of teenagers, the horrific event was captured on camera. What made people more furious is the mother was holding her 6-month-old son during the attack.

Last week, a friend invited Janie McCoy, 19, to an apartment complex near her home. She brought her 6-month-old baby, Braylen, with her.

She was sitting on a swing with her child when she was approached by three girls. The group then assaulted the young mom.

The girls were shouting accusations at her about something she said; however, Janie didn’t know what they were talking about.

“I told her I didn’t want to fight. I mean, I had my kid,” Janie said. “But even if I wasn’t holding him, I would not have fought her.”

To stop the fuss, Janie tried to walk away and leave. But when her brother tried to take the baby away safely, she was attacked.

“All I could think about was making sure my baby was OK,” Janie said. “I wasn’t even worried about fighting back. My baby was in my hands.”

A second video captured the assault showing Janie tried to pull her baby away as the two girls continued to get in front of the young mother and hit her in the face again and again.

But what caused the young mother more frustrated is when the police arrived but didn’t make any arrests at the scene.

Though her baby wasn’t injured, Janie took him to the doctor to make sure he was okay.

After the incident, Jeremy McCoy, Janie’s dad, posted the video on Facebook looking for justice for his daughter. The caption reportedly stated: “Hate to post this of my daughter being assaulted by 2 girls, and nothing has been done yet 5 days later. So please share.”

His post, which he has since removed, has been viewed over 6 million times. Other videos of the disturbing attack were posted to YouTube.

Meanwhile, Chief Wiggins said the department has received dozens of calls about the case.
“I think 25 or 27 states, and two countries, England and Australia,” he said.

Chief Richard Wiggins with the Broken Bow Police Department explained officers had to go through Juvenile Services to arrest one of the girls.

Police said two teens will be charged with child abuse and battery. The adult will also be charged with perjury after allegedly lying about her involvement to police.

After the videos were posted on Facebook, they went viral and shared over 150,000 times.

“I have like, tons of people that are just messaging me telling me that I am way better than that and that I did the right thing,” Janie said. “So it just makes me feel a little better.”

WARNING: (Graphic Video)

Article Sources: Crime Watch Daily, KFOR, Crime Watch Daily/Facebook Photo Credit: Oxygen Video Credit: IBTimes UK/YouTube

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