Elementary School Teacher Chokes 9-Year-Old Students With Jump Rope

An elementary teacher was arrested after using jump rope to discipline his students. 64-year-old elementary teacher Peter Samhammer of Clovis was arrested. On the afternoon of Thursday, sheriff office has received a report about a student who suffered from injuries at Herndon Barstow Elementary during their physical education class.

The authorities have responded to the report. Upon the investigation of the police, it was discovered that Peter Samhammer was using a brutal form of discipline to his students. He used jumped rope to punish several students while having the class out on the playground.

The jumped rope is placed on the neck of the student tightly choking them before letting go. It leaves a mark on the kid’s neck and shoulder. Most of his victim ages 9 and 11 years old. Peter Samhammer was arrested and charged with four counts of child abuse.

After the incident, the Central Unified School District released a statement about the matter:

“Mr. Samhammer is on official administrative leave. Student safety is a top priority for the district and as such, we are fully cooperating with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and will continue to do so throughout the course of its investigation.”

People have plenty of reaction to this news, here are some of the comments:

“It’s no doubt kids are out of control. You see it everywhere. Kids of all ages mouthing off, physically and verbally bullying. Any authority figure is seen as the bad guy by the child and their parent. No doubt it’s a much different world than when he started teaching. I can only imagine what the kids were doing to set him off. All of that being said, you don’t get to choke kids with a jump rope. It’s kind of insane that this idea even occurred to him, much more so that he carried it out several times.”

“I am sure that the NEA will step up for his defense. Considering that he is 64 yrs old, he will probably be allowed to retire early with a full pension and a settlement for :mental anquish.”

“My experience is that most gym teachers are rejects who couldn’t cut it as an educator and got bumped into that position as a last attempt to salvage their career.”

Article Source: Fox News Photo Credit: Fox News Video Credit: ABC7

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