Father Fatally Shoots Himself On Facebook Live Because Daughter Did Not Ask Him Permission To Marry Her Boyfriend

In Turkey, a father killed himself after being extremely upset about her daughter who got engaged. Ayhan Uzun 54-year-old from Kayseri filmed himself while committing suicide.

In the video, Uzun complained that his daughter got engaged to his boyfriend without his consent. He had no idea about the engagement until his wife called him to let him know about her daughter’s engagement. He learned that his father-in-law took his place to blessed the upcoming wedding. As a result, he became angry and suicidal.

Uzun went to Facebook live to show his family and friend on how he will end his life.

Uzun said:”I am live streaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral. On my daughter’s happiest day (her engagement), they called me and said to me: ‘Father come have a treat. Nobody asked about me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right he approved my daughter’s wedding. Nobody said this girl’s father is alive. Though I would have waited for my daughter and family to say to me: ‘Come father, be with us. My wife called me and she told me. I said to her why didn’t you come to tell me, and she said: ‘We cannot make a personal visit to you. Maybe some of you will call this a show. I do not want anybody to go through this thing that I am going through. A little later I will put an end to my life with the gun I am holding in my hands.”

Comments from concerned friends stopping him to commit suicide appeared on the live stream. But despite their attempt to convince him, he still killed himself with a gun. The viewers called the police but when the authority arrive at their house, Uzun was already dead. When the incident happens nobody was home.

An investigation was launched by the police and his body has taken to the morgue for autopsy. Facebook management was saddened by the suicide and removed the video for it violates their terms and condition.

Article Source: Mirror Photo Credit: Video Credit: Mirror

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