Man Arrested After Claiming To Be Transgender, Filming Women In Restroom

A man from Palmdale, California, wearing a bra and dress enters the ladies bathroom at Macy’s and what happens next should not surprise you.  The man, Jason Pomare, 33, entered the bathroom which the ACLU and the liberal elitists in this country say is his God given right.  He sets up a hidden camera in one of the stalls and for the next two hours, tapes women using the bathroom.  Eventually, one woman noticed the camera with the record light on and notified mall security, who arrested Pomare.  There was absolutely no way for anyone to see this coming, was there?  (Removes tongue from cheek)

From Breitbart News:

When Pomare was contacted, he was wearing a wig and women’s clothing, including a bra, a statement from the LASD revealed. “The deputy noticed he was wearing a wig and appeared to have breasts,” LASD Sergeant Brian Hudson told the Los Angeles news outlet.

While searching the suspect, the deputy discovered a video camera in his purse. The camera allegedly contained hours of women using the bathroom inside the store.

Witnesses told police that Pomare would conceal the camera in bathroom stalls. The woman who contacted store security noticed the “recording light” on the camera. It appears Pomare was in the bathroom for around two hours, Hudson told the reporter.

Pomare was arrested and charged with  six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.  The charges are misdemeanors which can land him in jail for 6 months and a fine of one thousand dollars.  He would have been more successful had he just spent an hour there and moved on to the next store.  This shows how easily someone “identifying” as a woman can film your mother, your wife, your girlfriend or your daughter at a time when they are most vulnerable.

A similar case happened in San Angelo, Texas, at a Walmart when an illegal alien used the exact same method to spy on women.  Expect more of the same.

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