Factory Worker Cooked Alive In Industrial Size Mixing Bowl Full of Hot Caramel

In a Russia, a woman died after a horrific accident happen while she was cleaning the huge mixer. On Friday, 36-year-old Natalia Nemets factory worker at Slavyanka confectionery factory was cleaning an industrial size bowl mixer when suddenly a hot caramel began pouring into the mixing bowl, which had fast-moving blades.

Her colleagues were shocked when they saw her being cooked alive in the caramel. Unfortunately, they cannot do anything to rescue her. According to her colleague, “She did not cry, no other noise was heard. She was cleaning the mixer when the caramel suddenly began to flow into the bowl. She got boiled alive, this is true.”

When the police and firefighter arrive at the factory to drain the caramel, Nemets was already dead. She was cooked in 212 degrees heat.

According to newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, her colleagues noticed she was not at her place in the factory.Next moment they noticed her legs visible from the bowl with boiling caramel,’ stated the report. She did not cry, no other noise was heard. Nobody could explain how it could happen. Natalia did not have a single chance to survive. Besides the fact that it was boiling caramel, in the bowl, there are moving blades that constantly mix the caramel.

Two version are being considered now – because of the high air temperature in the working room Natalia fainted and somehow fell into the bowl, ‘ said the newspaper. The second version is that she stumbled. A labor commission has already started investigating the case, and the first results are expected in 15 days.

Management at Slavyanka confectionery factory initially sought to cover-up the accident on October 20, according to local reports. They had allegedly threatened workers with the sack if they revealed anything. However, details of the tragedy appeared on social media and it was confirmed by the authorities.

This is not the first time a tragedy like this happens to the factory. Details of the other accident are still unknown. Nemets left behind her heartbroken husband and 10-year-old son called Ivan.  According to the dead woman’s sister Yulia: “Her child is with us now.”

Article Source: Daily Mail Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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