Small Town Residents in Fear As Government Simulates Biological Weapon Attack


  • Department of Homeland Security plans to release chemicals to test the protection offered by buildings  in Newkirk, Oklahoma.
  • A legal notice appeared in the local newspaper, saying the department would release “Non-hazardous, non-toxic chemicals and biological materials”
  • The tests are planned for 2018
  • The data should help the department assess the impact of biological weapons

A notice in an Oklahoma newspaper set many Newkirk residents on edge.

The Department of Homeland Security announced the small town near the Kansas border will host a biological weapons simulation.

In 2018, the department wants to release “non-hazardous, non-toxic” chemicals and biological materials on buildings in the area.

They want to see what might happen if a terrorist were to release similar chemicals as a biological weapon, and if buildings would offer residents any kind of protection.

Residents say the announcement worries them.

“I just got sick to my stomach,” said Newkirk resident Dennis Jordan. “I think if they want to test that stuff, let them go to Los Alamos, you know? I think it’s stupid.”

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