Off Duty Cop Playing Mr.Mom Smokes Two Would Be Robbers [RAW VIDEO]

Dramatic video has been released of an off-duty police officer shooting two would-be armed robbers while he carried his baby. On Saturday afternoon, Sergeant Rafael Souza was shopping in a pharmacy with his wife and child when two hooded men with a gun rushed in and attempted to steal from the business.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, the incident took place at Bifarma in Camp Limpo Paulista in Brazil. According to reports, 24-year-old suspect Jefferson Alves pointed a firearm at Souza after barging into the pharmacy, and Souza identified himself as law enforcement.

Souza asserted that the suspect was going to shoot him, so he jumped into action instead.

While much of the action is off camera, security footage does provide some insight into what occurred.

Reportedly, Souza managed to pull his gun and shoot one of the suspects at point-blank range, which is not seen in the video. He then begins to target the other would-be robber and appears in the footage to fire around a man who is dressed in white in an attempt to shoot the second assailant.

He fires a few more shots at the suspect, who is out of frame.

At the end of the video, Souza’s wife is shown crouching behind some of the shelves, desperately reaching out for her baby, whom Souza is holding.

Souza walks over to his wife and hands her the small child before exiting the frame. The video ends there.

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