Metal Detector Enthusiast, Thought To Check One More Spot and Hit The Mother Lode [WATCH]

Just a few months ago, metal detector enthusiast Paul Coleman hit the jackpot. And it couldn’t have come at a better time for him. The man, who was struggling to pay his bills, decided to let off some steam and go hunting for treasure with his metal detector. He had done this hundreds of times before, as it was his favorite hobby, but never had he found any life-changing treasures.

But now, Coleman happened upon a spot where he unearthed more than 5,000 Anglo-Saxon coins worth a fortune. Being more than 1,000-years old, the coins found in a bucket buried two-feet underground on a small farm, was about to change his life. And after learning some history about the horde of coins, Coleman knew he was a lucky man…

Because the coins were rare and valuable, the United Kingdom has declared them an official treasure trove and valued them at more than $1.5 million. Since the government officially classified them as a treasure, they don’t belong to Coleman, which is kind of a theft from the man.
Instead, a museum in Aylesbury has put a bid on the coins. Because of that Coleman and the landowner should get a sizable reward for finding them, so the man who was struggling to pay his bills shouldn’t go away empty handed.

But Coleman almost didn’t make it out to this metal detector excursion because he hardly had the money to afford the gas for the trip out there. The man was drowning in debts and really needed to find a treasure – and now he did!

Since Coleman is a Good Samaritan, he plans to share his profits from this valuable Anglo-Saxon treasure trove with the other people who happened to be present during the excavation as they are his friends.

Even though he plans to dole out his reward among his friends, he should still get enough to retire comfortably and support his family – talk about a dream come true!

Coleman who is 59-years-old is overjoyed by his magnificent find.

“I wasn’t going to go to the dig because it would have cost too much in petrol – nearly £45,” he said. “But I managed to persuade a friend and my son to come and share the costs. I found a piece of lead and thought it was junk. But then I looked back in the hole and saw one shiny coin. Then I lifted a larger piece of lead and saw row upon row of coins stacked neatly.”

He continued his story…

“By that point the excitement had built up and I was grinning from ear to ear. I recently borrowed a little bit extra on the mortgage just to tide me over. But this find means I will never have to work again – it’s a massive weight off my mind. I’m definitely going to give some of the money away. It’s an unwritten agreement between metal detectors that if you are with mates and you get lucky then you sort them out.

“And I’m definitely going to keep on metal detecting. I have never done it for the money, it’s for the love.”

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